10 Curly Hair YouTubers You Should Watch!

We have chosen 10 YouTubers that will inspire, motivate and teach you how to have amazing hair! There's someone for everyone here so take your pick and you will thank us later!




Calling all transitioners! Mo Knows Hair is a YouTuber and a hair stylist so you can trust in her hair care advise. Most of Mo's videos are demo tutorials on a range of different models with different hair types, browse through her YT videos to find a model with your hair type to learn how to wash and style.




Great for green and natural beauty advice and tutorials! Alba promotes healthy living in relation to her radiant skin and beautiful healthy curls. If you suffer from heat damage she is a great example of how to overcome this definitely check out the following videos for her advice!






For those with type 4 hair Naptural is a great example of hair health and growth! With her amazing curlformer tutorials and wash routines you will learn how to use a range of affordable products and ingredients to gain defined curls and healthy hair overall.





Davina experiments with a range of protective styles from faux locs, twists and turban styles! If you have shorter hair and want to explore ways to grow your hair check out Davina's low maintance routines.





Love quirky personalitys? Penny brings a great mix of humour and scientific facts to the curly hair world! Check out her well detailed quick and easy curly hair DIY's. 





These twins are amazing! Such an inspiration to all transitioners there natural hair journey is amazing they went from relaxed hair to looong thick healthy curly hair. A lot of people have the perception that black girls cannot grow there hair but these girls are a testoimant as they have managed to grow there hair past there shoulders and still are able to use heat styles (Blow outs, tonged curls and straightened).





Ever wanted to experiment with wigs? Alyssa changes up her style so often with a range of different wigs with great tutorials on how to apply and manipulate them! Whilst wearing wigs Alyssa's natural hair is kept moisturized and healthy with space to grow!





If you rock a TWA this channel is for you! Sadora shows you how to style it and great alternatives like crochet braids and Senegalese twists! 





Curls mixed with style, Tasha rocks the best twists and keeps it all the way real! Check out her hair tutorials and Q&A's.






Summer Kelsey is a sweet curly girl! With natural long hair she shows off her routines with wash and styling tutorials. Definatly check out her 'Curly Girls Be Like' video! 



Any YouTubers That Should Have Made The List?

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