When Is It Time To Stop Using Your Hair Products?

As curlies we are prone to buying a lot of hair products, oils and making our own concoctions! Our closets and bathrooms can be filled with products that we rotate within our hair routines but have you ever considered how long you should be keeping your products for? Many surprisingly have a shorter shelf life especially those with natural ingredients and if they aren't stored how they should be!

Believe it or not hair products should have a limited shelf life and it's written on the packaging! Many of us aren't aware but beauty products have a standard small logo usually by the ingredients or barcode which tells you how many months the product can be kept for!

It is especially important for you to check your hair products dates and be aware that it may be time to throw the creamy crack away way before the time frame! After being opened and used over and over they can start growing bacteria that can cause irritation and infections. All natural products are even more prone to 'going off' faster as they have no added preservatives or chemicals, be sure to check the colour, texture and smell of your products as an indication! 

Top Tips For Longer Shelf Life: 

  • Keep your products closed tightly to prevent contamination from skin, hair and running water.
  • Never add liquid to your products (Unless mentioned on the packaging).
  • Do not share hair products with others.
  • Clean your hair brushes, combs and hair tools regularly

Have you experienced a hair product gone bad? Comment below!