O So Curly Spray Bottle
O So Curly Spray Bottle

O So Curly Spray Bottle

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O So Curly branded mist spray bottle perfect for refreshing your curls by adding water and some leave-in conditioner.

The clear 300ml bottle allows you to see how much liquid is inside.

The continuous mist spray is amazing as it allows you to wet larger areas of your hair in just 1 spray, compared to generic spray bottles. Perfect for curly and afro hair styling. 

Can also be used as a spray for plants and cooling down the face & body.

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Customer Reviews

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O so curly spray bottle

Speedy delivery so thank you
Haven’t used the bottle for very long but at the moment I am very pleased with my purchase.
Before I was using a small single spray travel bottle and there is no comparison to this bottle which is very easy to hold and produces a nice long stream of fine
spray without saturating the hair.
Should have bought one years ago !

O So Curly Spray Bottle

Im in love with this spray bottle... the way it sprays- in a mist form, the feel of it is just amazing🤩🤩
I’m so happy I purchased this item😍

Spray bottle

Great mist, very controllable. Service fab, quick delivery. Would recommend.

Amazing bottle!

Life changing

An awesome spray bottle

I bought this bottle because I wanted to support this store owner and I needed something to store an oil I bought for my hair recently. However, I'm so happy I made this purchase. This bottle is made for what you expect straight from a hair salon. It doesn't squirt like a water gun so that your hair/ scalp is drenched in whatever oil you sprayed onto it; instead it releases a slow mist that gives you time to spray it through all your hair evenly that way you don't have one part of the scalp more oily than the other parts of the scalp. I highly recommend this product if you need something to spray some oil onto your hair/scalp