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O So Curly

O So Curly Satin Pillowcase (Reversible)

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O So Curly Satin Pillowcase (Reversible)

Our ‘O So Popular’ reversible satin pillowcase is your everyday curly hair care essential! The elastic lining and reversible design makes it easy to just pop around your pillow to protect your curls and skin whilst sleeping.

Why switch to satin?

Product Features

Reversible with 2 colour options.

Elastic rim making it the perfect fit for those with bigger hair, buns/pineapples, or braids.


Softest Italian stretch satin to protect your tresses at night or for use around the house.

Satin Care Guide

Give our satin items TLC and they will love you back even more 😍

We recommend that you hand-wash our satin products or machine wash on a delicate (silk/satin) cool setting.

Do not tumble dry or iron, leave to air dry naturally.

For best results sleep on one side per night, this is a standard way to prevent skin blemishes and help your products to last longer. 

Darker colours of scrunchies may result in dye transfer, to prevent this make sure to avoid wearing when your hair is wet or infused with oils. Be careful resting or sleeping on light coloured bedding/pillowcases when wearing a darker coloured scrunchie.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

Love my pillowcase! The colours are gorgeous, and I really like the fact that it can stretch over (almost) any size pillow. You need one of these, highly recommend!

Convenient and feels great

It is a great convenience for people like me who do not want to just put on a satin cover and leave it on all day. This allows you to just cover the pillow at night for sleeping and remove it in the mornings. This way you can keep your bed sheet decor. It also feels great on the skin. I battle with acne so this keeps the oils I use on my hair away from my face and off my regular pillow cases. I have less break outs. I love this. I purchased a few more for friends to experience. They loved it as well. Purchasing one for my baby girl now. Wish they had more/fun colors to choose from.

Patrick McCarthy

I am very delighted with my order from O So Curly.

I was so please with my

I received my Saturn pillowcase I do not have curly hair but blonde bleached hair and for the last week I have seen improvement in my hair not so dry and not so static I would recommend this to for anyone with with dyed hair all very dry hair

Perfect alternative to a bonnet

I'm so pleased with this product. I was finding I was overheating when wearing my bonnet in the hot weather and this pillowcase is just so much more breathable. It still leaves my curls bouncy and fresh for the next day. Easy to clean and keeps its shape. Will definitely be buying more as gifts for my curly haired friends.

  • Perfect For Travel

    Easy to pack away and take with you to cover you hotel pillows or for sleepovers!

  • Multi-Uses

    Use as a cover for your sofa cushions, car headrest or turn into a bonnet for braids and locs.

  • Vegan Friendly

    Unlike silk, satin is considered vegan friendly due to no silk worms used to produce the fabric.

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