Aieshea's #HairStories

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I began perming my hair in primary school. After begging my mum for ages to have straight hair. (My dad was against it), in secondary school I would have it up slicked back everyday hair with baby hairs and all that!

I came to a point where my hair was thinning and my hair line was changing and I didn’t want to lose my hair so I would straighten it with straighteners and blue magic grease. Lol.

All the way through college I never had my hair any other way. I thought if my hair wasn’t being pulled it would be ok, Right? After that it varied from straight occasionally and sometimes curly.

Then at 22 I chopped it all off. I had a straight bob. Lord what was i thinking! However that was my unknowing big chop, I finally decided never to straighten my hair again at 28!! In 2015.

Its now been 3 years with no heat and a about a year trying to stick to the ‘curly girl method’ after reading ‘How to get my curls back!’ by UKCurlyGirl, and I love my hair now!

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