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Curly hair tools and accessories online shop.

Beverley's #HairStories


Beverley's #HairStories



My journey started a couple of years ago, I finally decided to big chop, after a year of transitioning. The reason as to why I had decided to go natural was because my hair was falling out after a relaxer I did. It was terrible. That was it, there was no turning back.

I was raised on hot combs, texturizers, elastic bands you name it. I was determined to have healthy hair first and foremost. I had taken the time out to do some extensive research. YouTube and BGLH had become my go to, for information at this point. I was quick to learn that representation is essential. I had found people online with long healthy hair that had a similar hair texture to mine. It really helped. I had learnt so much about the handling of natural hair.

My understanding of natural hair grew, as did my Afro once I had applied all that I had learnt to it. I can honestly say that my hair is not a political statement, nor is it unkempt or a sign of rebellion. My hair is simply magnificent. It just grows out of my scalp curly, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

I am happy with allowing my hair to be, I am an advocated for low manipulation. I am complacent with how thick and voluminous my hair is. Overall natural oils, protective styling, patience and understanding, is what has me where I am today.

Instagram: @Bvley