Milka's #HairStories


Contrary to many beautiful women, I wasn’t raised with hot combs and perms. In fact until I was 13 my hair was neatly braided every week. My mom did an amazing job and I had really long and healthy hair. When I turned 14 I was so consumed by what we now call “Eurocentric beauty standards” that I straightened my hair every week. Yes you heard that right, every week!

When I turned 21 I bleached my hair blonde. Straightened, my hair looked amazing but without any heat, it looked like Spaghetti. That’s when I knew I had to change something. No more heat, no colour, no nothing. I didn’t big chop, I “transitioned” from heat damaged hair to healthy hair, gradually cutting the damage off along with switching products to “Curly Girl” friendly, deep conditioning, protein treatments and no/minimal heat.

I know it’s a time & energy consuming journey but it’s worth it. EMBRACE YOUR HAIR! 
Don’t let anyone tell you that your hair isn’t beautiful or professional or any of the other things they say. If you ever feel like you’re alone in this or don’t know what to do? Just know there is a whole community rooting for you. 

Love your hair and yourself- it’s worth it! 

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