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Lauren's #HairStories


Lauren's #HairStories


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I began my curly hair journey in Feb 2017. I decided I wanted to embrace my natural hair. So far I have been on my hair journey for just 1.5 years. Cannot wait to see how it looks after 3 years WHOOP WHOOP. 

I was also in the middle of my blonde hair journey and was regularly getting my hair bleached. Too add to the bleach I always wore my hair straight which meant I was straightening my hair daily. Result of this was... straw like yellow hair. Surprise surprise, my hair was now dead, I had killed it.

To get my hair to where it is today I did get the ends of my hair chopped off however, I did keep some length. 

I started to deep condition my hair and read the ingredients of the products I used.  I gave my hair routine more thought and planned ahead. I also did protective styles, but most importantly I was patient. 

I thought curly hair meant frizz, that it looked unprofessional, childish and I hated how much attention which is why I wanted to straighten it and fit in with everyone else. The bigger the hair the more they stare!

But now I love my curly hair and everyone around me does to! It’s a part of me and I love each very curl pattern that can be found in my now blonde mane. 

Instagram: @Lorens_secrets