Satin Scrunchies vs Hairbands For Curly Hair

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When most of us think of scrunchies, we think back to the influential and fashionable 90’s era! However somewhere along the line scrunchies went out of fashion. No need to worry! They’re back and better than ever. Not only are they a great fashion statement, being used by your favourite celebrities but they also protect your curls!

So! Let’s talk about satin scrunchies vs hairbands and why you need to get yourself some straight away!


Satin scrunchies cut down on the friction and tension that comes with the traditional hairband due to the fabrics natural slippery feel.


Satin scrunchies provide little to no breakage because the satin provides an extra layer of padding between your curls and the elastic band whereas hairbands are just made out of elastic and tend to snag on our beautiful curls.


There’s nothing more annoying than struggling to take off a hairband that then leaves a weird ridge imprint in your hair! Satin scrunchies will not leave any kind of imprints when you take them off.


Satin scrunchies are great for a loose hold that can be used while sleeping or exercising. A favourite for curlies is the pineapple style (a high loose ponytail).


Satin scrunchies are a great accessory for overnight styling. They are easy to sleep in and if you section your hair in little buns before you sleep, they will produce some gorgeous gentle waves in the morning!


Last but not least, scrunchies are cute and come in so many different colours! They are a great accessory that add a pop of colour to your hairstyle.

Satin scrunchies will always trump elastic hairbands and besides the great hair benefits, they are also stylish, look great on your wrists and are quite versatile. If you’re tired of super tight hairbands that snag on your luscious curls, then it is time to invest in different coloured satin scrunchies.

Satin Scrunchie

The ONLY way you should tie your hair! Satin scrunchies save your hair from tangling and breaking due to their great slip and soft feel. Use a satin scrunchie to pineapple your hair throughout the day and night for healthy curls!

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Written by Lara Owolabi -

I am a writer who studied English Language and Communication & Journalism, learning to love my curls more everyday.