7 Curly Mummy & Daughter Duos You Need To Follow!

'Curly Mummy & Daughter Goals'

Mother’s day is today! We’re so excited that we want to celebrate this big day by honouring 7 mums and daughters that are rocking their natural hair and slaying amazing curls!

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1. @M.a.d.curls

This mummy and daughter duo are so adorable together that I couldn’t post without mentioning them. M.a.d.curls actually stands for ‘mother and daughter curls’ and these two are breaking the internet with their amazing curls and tutorials for both short and long natural hair.

The social pioneer of the family is daughter @itstaylorloranne a natural hair blogger. She started by creating videos explaining how she went through her transition and how she takes care of her natural hair. Once her mother showed up in one of the videos, both personalities worked so well on the screen that they decided to create their channel and they’re now one of the most vibrant and fun natural hair duos of social media.

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2. @Massy.arias

She is a certified personal trainer and fitness guru from Dominican Republic. Recently, she gave birth to her daughter and as she was growing Massy decided to go natural and surprised everyone with a big chop! She wants her daughter to look at her and feel there’s beauty in her heritage.

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3. @Olajarel

This YouTube and Instagram beauty guru became famous for her makeup and fashion ‘Get Ready With Me's’ and ‘LookBook’ videos. Her daughter is just as beautiful as she is, how cute are they together?!

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4. @_Deboradovalleoficial

She is a Brazilian Instagram blogger and singer. Her beautiful and long curly hair doesn’t pass unnoticed and her beautiful daughter has the same effect!

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5. @sanforshort

San is a young model and one of the ones to watch who will no doubt make a storm in the fashion world! Although her mother doesn’t always show up on San’s feed, she is the one managing her account and making sure we’re being treated with amazing pictures like the recreation of Sza’s iconic album cover! Well done mum!

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6. @yarashahidi

Yara needs no introduction. She is an American actress, model and activist who gained recognition for her starring role on sitcom Black-ish and its spin-off series Grown-ish. Her mum is gorgeous and they make a great duo!

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7. @Zomayra

Zomayra is a curls, fashion and lifestyle Youtuber and Instagrammer! Her mother and daughter pics are so cute that we cannot keep from scrolling through her feed!

For all the mothers out there and specially to mine, you are beyond amazing!

Thank you for having us.

Happy Mothers Day!


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