Candi's #HairStories

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If someone had shown me these before and after photos, I would never have believed it. I get a lot of people asking me how I maintain my hair health especially since I bleach my hair. My answer is always the same; hard work, dedication and love.

I used to hate my natural hair and hate lead to neglect, which meant 2 big chops! I looked at girls with a different hair texture as “goals” and now I am creating my own.

Love your hair and it will love you back. The number one rule deep condition like your life depends on it. Set realistic goals and you will achieve them, but it all starts with the health of your hair. Don't compare yours to someone else’s, everybody’s hair is different and requires different care. Learn to embrace the hair on your head and it will flourish.

Is my hair perfect? No. Do I have days I want to chop it all off again? Yes. Right now I am learning to understand my hair everyday and having fun on this wild journey.

Rock your natural texture! Love your hair! Enjoy the results!

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