Leah's #HairStories

Leahs before and after pic.png

My curls have taught me that I need to inspire future generations to love what they’ve got! My niece now asks for curls like her Auntie Leah but it took a long time for me to get to where I am today.

No-one, except my sister, had hair like me growing up so I used straighteners to give myself hair that helped me ‘fit in’ and ‘feel pretty’.

My natural hair journey began when I dyed my hair blonde. I regretted it instantly and created an ombre look I loved but I didn’t think it was blonde enough, so I bleached it myself. Until then I had regular treatments and hadn’t suffered serious damage but I was coming to the end of uni and I’d been getting lazy with my haircare routine. My graduation came around and my dreams of long hair were shattered when I saw just how straw-like my ends were so I went for a tousled shoulder length bob and after that went natural as a fresh start in my new career.

With my hair grew my confidence and with that, new opportunities and relationships I had never imagined possible began to bloom.

Learn to love yourself.

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