Sakura's #HairStories


I started my curly hair journey in 2016 by a chance encounter on Instagram with an old friend.

Unofficially I started “transitioning” in 2015 right after my wedding when I got my last Brazilian Keratin done, at that point I started cutting my chemical ends little by little until I finally got rid of all the chemical hair in April 2016 when my true journey began and I learned the term “transitioning hair”, after the fact.

I found this wonderful curly community and started learning so much from people like @hif3licia, @stylefeen, @ukcurlygirl and @ohhthatsjustflash just to mention a few and the list goes on.

It was a long journey to get to where I am now, accepting of my hair as it is; curly, wild and free but it was totally worth it.

My advice for anyone out there thinking of embracing their curls is “just do it” even if it takes you a long time like it took me, because you will not only see your hair grow but yourself blossom.

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