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Shannon's #HairStories


Shannon's #HairStories


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I grew up natural with my mum taking great care of my hair, however I always had a problem with my natural hair, the way it shrunk, looked dry and was big and “puffy” I hated being the centre of attention and always was the only person with my hair type in my class or year.

When I turned 18 and moved away for University, I used that as an excuse to relax my hair, after 5 years of relaxing, colouring and straightening my hair, it was completely ruined. I finally had enough of dealing with my hair and wanted to get back to my natural roots and curl pattern.

I transitioned in 2014 for a year and a half until I was able to chop off all of my damage. Ever since I have learned to LOVE my hair, becoming a natural hair blogger and author I’ve found it so important to empower others to love theirs too, which is why I created O So Curly!

Learn to truly love what grows from your scalp naturally!

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