Vicki's #HairStories


Getting my curls from 2012 to 2018 was not down to any one magic “TIP” it was and still is something I’m learning every day!!

MISTAKES - I’ve made at least 1000

JOURNEYS - I’ve been on about 3

SALONS - I’ve visited dozens #dramaalert

PRODUCTS - I’ve tried at least a million 

MONEY - I’ve spent way more than I should have 

TIME - Hundreds of hours on reading up and trying things with my hair...  #washday life 

And guess what, my hair is STILL not perfect!!! I struggle with colour damage and splits ends from trying to handle this length! Don’t be discouraged by anyone who seems to have it ALL figured out! I PROMISE YOU, they, like you, are struggling with something too!!! 

Set YOUR hair goals and let them be your measure of success, DON’T measure yourself against someone else!!!

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