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Home Of The OG Reversible Satin Pillowcase ✨

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    About O So Curly

    O So Curly was established in 2014 by natural hair and beauty blogger UK Curly Girl, after seeing a gap in the market she wanted to use her business savvy personality and entrepreneur desires to make an online store for the curly hair community where they can purchase stylish and cute essentials instead of the "old fashioned" satin accessories that are sold in local hair supply stores.

    O So Curly's mission is to become a household name brand for curly girls around the world!

    “For a curly by a curly. I want to make healthy haircare fun and

    no longer a chore! My goal is to create stylish accessories &

    essentials that you’ll be proud to show off and bring

    to your sleepovers!”

    - Shannon Fitzsimmons (Founder)