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    4 Things To Introduce To Your Curly Hair Routine This Year!

    Looking to start or update your curly hair routine this year?
    Here are some great things you should Introduce To Your Curly Hair Routine.

    Micro Fibre Towel

    If you still dry your hair with a normal towel try to stop! By introducing a microfibre towel into your curly hair routine it will help your hair in terms of less breakage and less frizzy curls, just what we want. 

    A microfibre towel is less fluffy than a regular cotton towel, but has many great benefits such as:

    • Less breakage as it absorbs water much more rapidly without the need for rubbing

    • Hair that's been wrapped in a microfibre towel will dry a lot faster, which is great if you air dry!

    • Microfibre doesn't produce lint, this often causes tangles in the hair;

    • It helps to minimise the amount of hair frizziness.



    Co-washes are great they give you clean hair without the damaging properties of shampoo!

    Constantly washing your hair with shampoo can be very damaging as it can strip the hair of natural oils. Try using a Co-wash in between shampoo days as it allows you to give your hair a refresh without the harshness and keep your hair fresh for days.


    Satin Pillowcase

    Satin pillowcases are such a dream to sleep on, not only are they soft, shiny and make you feel like a princess they have many hair benefits.

    Sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help prevent hair breakage. As cotton is not as smooth as satin, and it creates friction between your hair and the pillow which mean you can end up with hair breakage, this is avoided if you sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases also absorb moisture from your skin and from your hair, which can, unfortunately, leave you with dry, frazzled hair. Satin won’t absorb the moisture, so your hair will stay smooth and shiny when you sleep. These are a must to introduce into your curly hair routine for 2019!


    Regular Deep Conditioning

    Every curly girl must deep condition, so I have no doubt that this is already in your curly hair routine! However, doing it regularly is key, make sure you do it at least once a week, if you are newly transitioning I found it helped to do it every 3-4 days for 15-20 mins.

    Deep conditioning has many amazing benefits such as:

    • Reduces breakage, split ends and improves your hair’s overall health. Incorporating deep conditioning sessions in your routine on a regular basis will help you stay on track and maintain healthy hair.

    • Deep conditioning penetrates the hair shaft and helps to restore the natural shine to the hair.

    • Colouring curls can leave the hair weak, brittle and dry this can be resolved with regular deep conditioning. 

    So, if you are looking for healthy curls this year definitely try to introduce these things into your routine, we’d love to see your hair progress so be sure to tag us in any curly hair pictures!