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    5 Easy Curly Hair Updos

    While curly hair is beautiful and stunning and something to embrace, sometimes you don’t want it hanging in your face all day every day. If you're looking to mix it up a bit, up-dos are a great place to start. The right up-do hairstyle can frame your face, compliment your outfit and keep you cool if the weather gets warmer. Here are five easy curly hair up-dos that will give you something new to try. 

    1. Space Buns

    This easy up-do is my favourite hairstyle on curly hair. To create this look I simply split my hair into 2 equal sections. I always love to upgrade a simple hairstyle with a zig-zag parting instead of your regular straight parting. Using a hairbrush and some gel I brush the first section into a bun using the gel to smooth it into place and then fasten it with a hair band. I repeat this process with the other side trying to keep it as symmetrical and identical to the other side as possible. Once my space buns are up I fluff them out by pulling the buns to look rounder and more shapely. Finally, using some gel and an eyebrow spoolie, I brush my edges into shape and ta-daa. This is how I create my easy curly space buns.


    2.  High Ponytail

    This next look is super easy and is essentially a high ponytail using a headscarf. You can use whatever material or fabric you like to tie up your hair but It typically opt for a satin fabric to cause less friction against my curls. I start this look by spritzing my hair with water and flipping it upside down grouping all my hair together on the crown of my head. Whenever I’m doing a bun or a ponytail I find it easier flipping my hair upside down so no hair gets left behind. I then secure all my hair with a satin scrunchie and fluff it out to get the desired shape and grab my satin scarf to finish the look. I fold the scarf in half and hold it at the back of my head tying the two ends into a knot right at front. Do the knot pretty tight so the scarf doesn’t slip away during the day and make sure your scarf is properly in place.


    3.  Twisted Bun 

    My third hairstyle looks more complicated than it is. I start by spritzing my hair with water and detangling so my hair is easier to part. I then take a rat tail comb to part my hair into four sections splitting it once down the middle and then diagonally from the centre to the top of each ear. With these four sections, I flat twist each of them tightly and hold them into place with 4 bobby pins. After this, using a brush and some gel I brush the rest of my hair into a high bun incorporating the twists so that they lead into the bun. You can then take out the bobby pins if you want but this part is optional and depend on if you twists will stay in place or not. Finally, using some gel and an eyebrow spoolie, I brush my edges into shape to finish the look.

    4.  Top Knot Bun

    This easy hairstyle is really sleek and a great updo for sophisticated occasions. I start this look by spritzing my hair with water and detangling using a leave-in conditioner. I then flip my head upside down and using some gel and a hairbrush, I smooth my hair into a sleek ponytail at the crown of my head. I flip my head back up and start splitting the ponytail into 4/5 equal sections. With each section, I split it into two and twist the hair until I have 4/5 twists. Finally, I take another hair band and twist these twists into a top knot arranging the twists into a neat formation and fastening them in place with the hair band.


    5.  Half Up and Half Down

     This final hair style is classic and super easy. To do this hairstyle I simply part my hair using my thumbs from my ears to the crown of my hair. I then separate my hair into two sections leaving the bottom half. Using a hard bristle brush I then slick the top half down and tie it up with my satin scrunchie. Using some curl creme I then fluff up and define my curls so they look beautiful and uniform. It is great to add accessorises to this look as well with beautiful gold clips and twine. Finally, using some gel and an eyebrow spoolie, I brush my edges into shape to finish the look.

    Hopefully, you have found an easy curly hair up-do that works for you and your hair and something that you can try to switch up your style this week. If you do, make sure you comment below and attach a picture too!