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    6 Benefits Satin Has For Curly Hair

    If there’s something that every curly/ coily/ wavy haired person needs to know, it’s the benefits of using satin on their hair!

    We all know that taking care of our curly hair throughout the day is needed in order to keep moisture and to maintain healthy curls. It’s a part of everyone’s daily routine however, sometimes we forget that taking care of our curls at night, while we’re sleeping, is just as important!

    Growing up, most of us might have been used to sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, which is something very common I mean, we can find them in every single homeware store! And I bet that you’ve all been used to waking up with frizzy or dry hair after using a cotton pillowcase.


    Can you relate? If you can relate, then you definitely should keep reading.

    Did you know that cotton absorbs the moisture right out of your hair when you’re sleeping at night? So even when you moisturise before bed and lay your head to rest, you could wake up with dry frizzy hair!! To make it even worse, the friction between your strands and the cotton fibers could cause damage.

    The good news is, to face the harshness of cotton there’s satin! The softness of satin eliminates the friction you get when your hair rubs against a harsher fabric.

    Here are the top 6 benefits of using satin on curly hair:


    1. Retain Moisture

    Unlike cotton, which is a highly absorbent fabric of natural moisture due to its fibers, satin’s smooth and silky fibers help maintain the moisture balance due to its non-absorbent properties.


    2. Say Goodbye Frizz

    One of the main concerns for most curly/ coily/ wavy haired people is how to avoid frizz. A satin surface is what you need to look for if you want to wake up with frizzless hair in the morning.


    3. Reduce Breakage

    At night, the friction of cotton pillowcases can weaken your strands over time, leading to more sensitive hair which can then cause breakage. Laying your hair on a satin surface will help retain moisture as it won’t cause any friction when in contact with hair.  This means reduced hair breakage!

    4. Shiny Hair

    While you are sleeping, your hair goes through a lot. From the tossing and turning that can tug on strands to the way cotton pillowcases rob hair of moisture, satin pillowcases allow hair to move easily without damage. So if you’re looking to fight the morning frizz, a satin case is the answer!


    5. Health
    Less hair breakage and moisture retention will lead to fewer split ends! Sleeping on satin will protect you from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture absorbing materials such as cotton. As a result, you’ll reduce tangles and improve the healthiness of your hair.


    6. Ready To Go Hair

    Sleeping on satin can help retain your hairstyle and keep your curls’ shape and style without causing kinks and bumps. Make sure your hair is moisturised and put up into a high ponytail (usually known as pineapple hairstyle) before bedtime. You’ll wake up with fresh and ready to go curls.


    So there you have it! 6 whole reasons why you need to throw away your cotton pillowcase RIGHT NOW!