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    Silk Pillowcase vs Satin Pillowcase Which Is Best?

    This weeks topic is silk pillowcases vs satin pillowcases, which is better for you? If you’ve tried both comment below and tell me which one you think is better?


    Silk Pillowcases


    1. It’s full of natural fibers hence why it feels so good on our skin.

    2. Silk has amazing benefits for our skin to as it helps retain moisture in your face while you sleep meanwhile your cotton pillowcase is sucking all that moisture out, and we don’t want dry faces in this winter weather.

    3. Your hair will thank you for making the switch from cotton to silk as it helps prevents frizz and just like our faces help retain moisture because who wants dry hair and a dry face, not me that’s for sure.



    1. It’s costly and we are trying to save our coin all 2019! but is considered a luxury product.

    2. For anyone that’s lazy like myself, beware as silk needs special care when cleaning, you might just have a newborn baby on your hands!

    3.  Now for any animal lovers please skip this last con, in order to make silk it requires silkworms to weave it and some are harmed or killed in the making of silk pillowcases.


    Satin Pillowcases


    1. Satin and silk are very similar as satin also prevents frizz and retains moisture in your hair so in the morning you wont wake up looking like ‘The Weekend’ maybe more like Wednesday if you don’t wrap your hair as well.

    2. One of silks cons was how pricey it is, satin is the opposite as its more affordable so your hair will look great and your bank account will still be in tact.

    3. My favourite pro is that satin is vegan friendly so as a product it really caters to everyone.



    1. Some say that satin tends to be a tad more slippery than silk when sleeping on it.  

    2. When you first lay down, satin pillowcases can feel colder in the winter and warmer in the summer, but this depends on the type of satin you purchase.


    Final Thoughts

    My final thoughts on silk pillowcases vs. satin pillowcases are it has to be satin for the win, it's affordable, will keep the curls popping all 2019 and it's vegan-friendly which is just amazing to me so yep defiantly satin takes the trophy for this one.  


    If you are like me and like things to be affordable but still good quality then I suggest you check out the O So Curly range which includes satin scrunchies and satin pillowcases!

    They come in a wide variety of colours and as I said before very affordable, make sure you check it out if you want to protect those curls.

    Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next one.