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    Curly Hair Accessories You Need...


    If you are new to the natural hair world there are numerous accessories and tools that people say you need. 

    These are our must have tools that will help you achieve healthy curls....


    A curly girls essential! Diffusers are used to dry hair whilst keeping curl patterns defined and keeping hair frizz free. Although the drying process can take longer, the results are amazing! 

    Top tip: Use your diffuser on a low heat and low speed for best results. 

    Scalp brush

    As a curly girl it is no surprise you can use a few products to make your curls pop! Use a scalp brush on wash days to help remove product build up which can cause dandruff. 

    They also help to increase blood flow on the scalp which will encourage hair growth. 

    Satin pillowcase / Satin bonnet

    Satin pillowcases are life changing! Unlike other materials, satin won't create frizz or break your hair. If you want your wash days to last longer and keep your curls defined then sleep on a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet. 

    Spray Bottle

    Keep a spray bottle handy and you'll be able to spritz your leave-ins, moisturisers, and oils into your hair all at once! 

    Check out our previous post here on different ways to use your spray bottle, if you need some ideas. 

    Microfibre Towel 

    Traditional cotton towels are known for creating frizz and absorbing moisture from your curls. Opt for a microfiber towel on wash days instead to dry your hair to control the frizz. 

    Incorporate these tools into your hair routine and your curls will be happy and healthy!