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    Top 5 Tips For Hair Growth

    Are you trying to grow your curls but struggling to see any growth? We understand the struggle. As curly girls our hair regimen is slightly different, as we need to make sure our hair is conditioned, moisturised and given lots of TLC. Here are some top tips to introduce into your hair care routine to promote healthy hair growth:

    1. Trim your hair

    When your hair has a lot of split ends, it is essential to trim it! If your hair is tangling more easy, looks limp and sheds more than you are probably due a trim.  

    1. Regular deep conditioning

    If your hair tends to get dry it is essential that you regularly deep condition, at least once a week. Using a deep conditioner with heat or steam will make it work even better; simply pop on a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes then rinse.

    1. Focus on your scalp

    Using essential oils such as Lavender or Peppermint help with hair growth. Apply them before bedtime and then give yourself a scalp massage with the O So Curly Scalp Brush, this will help to increase circulation and blood flow to encourage growth. 

    1. Wash your hair less

    Washing your hair too frequently can dry the hair out because you are not allowing your hair to absorb the natural oils it produces. If you dry your hair out it becomes weak and prone to breakage. Try using a co-wash in between wash days to prevent drying out your hair. 

    1. Protect your hair at night

    Sleeping on satin pillowcases and spraying your hair with a moisture spray before bedtime are both great ways to help your hair survive the night, without becoming frizzy and losing definition in your curls! Try sleeping on the O So Curly satin pillowcase. 

    Unfortunately, there is no miracle oil that will grow your hair overnight, we wish there was! Remember just by doing these steps for a week, it doesn't mean your going to have rapunzel length hair - it’s all about patience and consistency.


    Happy hair growing curlies!