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    Why Are My Curls Dry?



    Tired of dry curls? We have compiled a list of some of the reasons why your curls may be lacking nourishment and moisture. 


    Foamy shampoos aren’t so great when it comes to maintaining hydrated curls. They contain sulfates which can strip hair of its essential oils and leave hair feeling and looking dried out. Opt for sulfate-free cleansers, after you adjust to sulfate free cleansers, you’ll realize the gentler alternative leaves hair soft and healthier. 

    Skimping on conditioner

    Never skimp on conditioner! It doesn’t matter if your curls are loose, tight or kinky,  cutting back on conditioning on a regular basis, will leave your curls vulnerable to breakage and dehydration. Conditioning is essential to maintaining healthy, moisturized curls!


    Constant heat from blow dryers, hair straighteners and  curling irons is a direct cause for split ends. Frequent styling with excessive heat or damaging tools can leave cuticles open and make your curls prone to damage and dryness. Cut down on the styling tools and rock your natural hair, or wear a protective style!

    Cotton pillowcases 

    How your curls spend the night can affect how nourished they are in the morning. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase or sheets can pull moisture out of your strands and snag your curls, leading to frizzy, split ends. Switch it up and try sleeping on a satin pillowcase,  O So Curly has a variety of Satin Pillowcase colours to choose from. 

    Let us know in the comments if these tips help you restore your hydrated curls and banish dryness....